Rubens was asked to explore the concept of the future, in general terms but also the future of International Talent Support, which finds its incarnation in ITSARCADEMY. The main purpose of the series “BUILDING THE ARK'' is to explain to the public what is ITS: the past (the family, the contests, the network), the present (the heart of ITS: the archive and the work we are doing) and the future (ITS ARCADEMY, the place, the projects, the workshops, the academy). ITS ARCADEMY is going to be focused on sustainability and responsible creativity. Through Rubens’s project, ITS needed Rubens to help us conceptualise, imagine, speculate and tell the world the values and ideas upon which ITS ARCADEMY is being built, and what to expect from its future.This body of work, A Mature Growth focuses on morality and communal bonding through our values, especially during the pandemic. It humorously points out the ever-retracting boundary of morals, using Rococo and 18th century references as an example of “excess” and “taboo”. We must deal with unforeseen consequences – climate change, waste, wealth gaps – from past generations’ greed and ignorance.The garments made for A Mature Growth were knit in London by KBN Knitwear, with some pieces sewn and sculpted in-studio in Canada. The green garments were photosynthesis coated with Post Carbon Lab so that they live and breathe, just like plants, giving off oxygen and sequestering carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The garments must be cared for and kept alive, with indirect sunlight and misting in order to maintain their climate positivity. Rubens repurposed used plastic, ceramic and specially chosen vintage crochet tablecloths, together with ethical alpaca, organic wool and organic cotton in her knits to create the look.