We are passionate not only about sustainability in all its forms, but also about accountability, public knowledge, transparency and the spreading of knowledge.

We are consistently working to improve our sourcing and production practices to not only avoid bringing harm to the planet and its people, but also to benefit them: to make fashion a positive impact on our planet.

We hold our principles to a high standard, which means that we use no materials whatsoever that have had a negative impact on the planet. We work with GOTS and Oeko-Tex certified fibres, GRS fibres (only 100% recycled), some BCI (although we try to minimize this for better cotton), natural dyeing, local and ethical wool and mohair, traceable and ethical/well-managed mohair through Mohair South Africa, traceable/ethical alpaca, recycled plastic, recycled glass, vintage and antique trims, organic peace silk, and Tencel (certified/sustainably sourced). We also work only with manufacturers and makers whose ethos align with ours, and we source and work closeby so as to avoid as many emissions as possible. For this reason, we do not ship orders by air, or we offset our emissions.

We are a knitwear-focused brand, as not only that is what we are passionate about, but also we are able to use only what is necessary to create our garments, and we are able to work with highly skilled and unique makers and artisans. We re-use any scraps, trial samples and toiles in new one-off pieces, accessories, and in our upcycling textile processes.

We will remain transparent and accountable and will detail all of our materials/trims and certifications, traceability, values and manufacturers, as well as the hands and stories that made the garments come to life, upon request and through stories told through our platforms.

We are committed to continuously investing in research and collaborating with innovators who are breaking boundaries with regards to consumption systems, the value and meaning behind garments/pieces, and the development of pieces and practices that are not only circular and sustainable, but also serve to hopefully rectify damage done by humans already for a people and planet outlook and full-circle ethos.

please feel free to email if you have any questions or would like to know more.