Please read the care label on the inside of your Olivia Rubens piece for specific care instructions for your piece. Most of our products are hand wash, lay flat to dry, or dry clean only (no tumble dry). Knitwear ideally should not be hung in your closet to prevent stretching, and should be folded or laid flat instead. Knits should especially not be hung to dry for this reason. We highly recommend finding an eco-friendly dry cleaner near you. If you have any pieces that have been damaged and can be repaired, our team would be happy to repair your loved pieces for you, provided the customer pays shipping and return.

Most of our product is available in either XS up to L, but also in One Size Fits All (fits up to XL). We are an inclusive brand and love custom work, and we would love to hear from you if you request a custom size or fit. Our pieces are made for all bodies and people, so please reach outif you have any questions or suggestions. We have more information if you’d like to know more about our size chart.

We either mix natural dyes or use natural dye pigments as our paints. Our designer paints motifs directly onto the fabric, by hand, so that no two pieces are the same, and so that each piece is sustainably and uniquely made for you.

Most of our crochet, hand knit and hand machine knit pieces are made in Italy with a social cooperative who trains and hires African refugees and women with fragilities to craft these pieces with care. Some of our small batch production for cut and sewn garments is done with Making For Change in London, UK, who has an aim to work with and rehabilitate women in and getting out of prison in their mission. Our garments knit on the Stoll machine are crafted in London by small businesses who love to innovate and who have similar visions as us. We make small batch production knit, upcycled and cut and sewn pieces in-studio in Canada, hand made by the designer and makers in Ottawa. We are always looking to collaborate with artisans and cooperatives with impactful visions, so please reach out if you would like to work with us or have any questions. Please follow the link if you’d like to know more about our practice.

We have a 360 degree approach to sustainability. We don’t solely focus on environmental sustainability, but also cultural, social and economic, as they are intersectional, and we aim to make impacts and create purpose with every action we take. We source materials and yarns with strict certifications, ensuring they are as traceable and ethical as possible, and we support farmers who work responsibly, as well as cooperatives as our manufacturing partners. We aim to give back by enabling our partners to grow with us, and through the creation of social initiatives through our collections. Please follow the link if you’d like to know more about our practice.

Some items do go on sale, but we do not follow any sale schedule such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday or Boxing Day/Week seeing as we believe these days encourage overconsumption without purpose and we do not believe in participating. We often operate on a made-to-order basis, or by making one-off upcycled pieces for our shop, as we do not want to create stock or waste, and we wish to create specially made, unique pieces in inclusive sizes. We do make small size runs of some basics, and we do have sales from time to time, so keep an eye out for our announcements. We also have sample sales from our archive so that each piece can be loved. Here are our pieces in the shop.For items sold through our stockists, they can go on sale if there is still availability along their sale schedule.

When we release collections, we will always provide a pre-order option, and will make it easy for our clients to do so. We will then follow up along the production process with updates as it gets made so that we can guide you through our unique process with our manufacturers and collaborators until it is delivered to your door. If you see something you like and have an idea for a custom piece or collaboration, feel free to contact us with an inquiry.

Our pieces are made in small batches or one-off due to their upcycled nature. If a piece is sold out, it is no longer available, but please reach out to us if you’re interested in a specific piece, and we will do our best to accommodate or make a similar custom piece, if possible.

You can view our products on our shop page, select the product you’re interested in buying, the size, and colour, and add it to your cart. Initiate the checkout phase from there and follow the prompts on each page, including what shipping option you’d like to choose, until you’ve submitted your order. We’ll be in touch with updates as your order process progresses, but if you have any questions, you can always reach out.

Our main currency is in GBP, but if you want to change the currency shown on the page, you can scroll to the bottom and use the drop down menu on the bottom right of the page to choose from: GBP, CAD, USD, JPY, or EUR. Upon checkout, depending on your method of purchase, either your bank or PayPal will convert the currency for you at their rate of conversion.

You can change or cancel your order, as long as you do so within the first 12 hours of your purchase. Whether it is a made-to-order piece, or an item from our stock, we usually start the construction or the shipping process within 24 hours. We only ship on weekdays, so if you purchase on a weekend, you have until before the first business day to cancel or change your order. However, all sales are final sale and cannot be changed or cancelled. If you want more details on returns and refunds, view the respective links.

This depends on your location, so please view our shipping policyfor more details.

Once your order is placed, we will keep you posted on the entire process, right up until our piece reaches your doorstep. Once the shipping process has been initiated, you will receive a notification with a tracking number, and the name of which courier with which we’re shipping your order. You can use this tracking number on that courier’s website to track your order until it arrives.

Yes, we offer express shipping. We offer three options for shipping: regular post, priority shipping, and express shipping through the post, as well as for international shipping: express shipping (4 to 7 business days outside of North America, and 2 to 3 business days to the United States) through another courier such as UPS or FedEx. Please allow for extra shipping time and delays due to the pandemic. Please contact us if your order hasn’t arrived in a reasonable amount of time.

Yes, we ship anywhere in the world. At checkout, you can select your preferred shipping method. For international shipping, we ship via post or via another courier such as UPS or FedEx, depending on your choice for shipping. For all orders over £150, we provide free shipping anywhere in the world. If you want to know more, check out our shipping policy.