powerpuff girls x lcf

LCF X Powerpuff Girls Second Place Winners


Designers: Olivia Rubens and Angelo La Barbera
Print designers: Laura Ubeda and Sofia Marino
Model: Lizzie Mawson (Nevs Model Agency)


2nd Place - Fashion design competition through the London College of Fashion in collaboration with the Cartoon Network and specifically Powerpuff Girls. The goal was to design an outfit that reflected either all 3 Powerpuff Girls, or a villain from the show for their 20th anniversary. The finalists showed their work at an exhibition/event at the Somerset House during London Fashion Week in Feb. 2018. As a team comprised of myself, Angelo La Barbera (MA Womenswear LCF), Laura Ubeda (print designer, BA Textiles LCF), and Sofia Marina (print designer, BA Textiles LCF), we won a total of £2,800 for our winning design, which was also entirely sustainable, made from organic peace silk chiffon and jersey, and silk/hemp satin, dyed locally at a low-impact dyer and printed locally with sustainable pigments.