We continue to work with the social cooperative, Manusa, out of Italy, as we believe in their mission, which aligns with ours in making a positive impact through new fashion systems and conscious manufacturing with a purpose. Manusa trains and hires African refugees and women with fragilities, craftsmen and -women who are skilled in hand knitting, crochet, embroidery and hand machine knitting. The area used to be a hub for knitwear, and Manusa’s aim is to breathe life back into the industry and bring it back to its former sought-after beauty. Rubens began work with Manusa through the AW20 MA collection, and has continued to grow with the cooperative by creating small batch production for the commercial realm. Together, they are creating vibrant, unique, inclusive knitwear for innovative stockists and clients with a sustainable and conscious mindset.

responsibly made knitwear