Over the course of the AW20 Duplicitous Lives collection, Olivia Rubens worked with Estonia-based sustainable, and up and coming accessories designer, Iris Vilu, owner of the brand JNGLSNTMSSV, pronounced “Jungle isn’t massive”. Vilu uses the symbol of a shell, as the emblem of gas and oil use, making a bold statement throughout her practice. JNGLSNTMSSV creates accessories from recycled plastic, able to melt the plastic repeatedly into continuously new pieces. Rubens and JNGLSNTMSSV created recycled plastic chainmail together from use shampoo bottle and makeup containers, with Rubens creating the initial prototypes and designs of corsets, masks and fish, and Vilu using her expertise in jewellery-making to create the chainmail, the large number of pieces, and the final products: a top and a skirt for London Fashion Week for AW20.

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