the daydream believer project


Dream project: Escapism and Nostalgia 

Gabrielle Miller and Olivia Rubens invite you and your children to collaborate with us on our “People and Planet Positive” design project, highlighting inclusivity, togetherness, and a positive vision for our post-pandemic futures.

During these difficult times have your children been letting their imaginations run wild, making magical kingdoms and fantastical stories appear in the comfort of your own home? 

We invite you to share you and your children’s stories, dreams and hopes for better future worlds with us! In any shape or form, whether that’s a drawing, collage, painting, a comic, a story, or a simple phrase, we are drawing on our ability to dream and imagine things as a means to bring us all together. We ask you to ask your kids to free their imagination and creatively respond to the following prompts: 

Dear little ones!

What does your dream world look like?

What do you want the world to look like when you can go outside again? 

What makes you happy?

If you could be an animal what would you be?

Draw your favourite cartoon/character/friend?

What do you love about nature?

What magical kingdom have you made in your room?

What is your favourite thing you own? Or would like to own?

Do you have an imaginary friend? Have they been helping you out while you’ve been inside? Who are they?

Think of anything – it can be as wild and wacky as you like!

Your contributions will be used to inspire the creation of silhouettes, garments and set design shapes. In these weird times, we believe our common capacity for imagination can bring us together, give us warm feelings of nostalgia, and hope for a positive future. We need you to help us create this vision.


We have delved into the world of dreams and imagination, through surrealism and romanticism, as inspiration for our work.This is where you come in! 

Write out or draw your thoughts, dreams, daydreams, or hopes for future worlds.

Click here to submit (with your name or anonymously, click on the map to indicate where you are from).

We will also be posting selected submissions on social media in order to promote these messages!

The project

This project is centered around inclusivity and positivity, which are especially important values and hopes in these difficult times, in order to create a beautiful and meaningful message, and in hopes of bringing people together.

The project aims to address unease about how we feel about world uncertainty (health, societal, environmental, relationships, emotions etc), and translate into a renewed awareness that will encourage and channel each other’s sensitivities that emerge from collaboration. The project will be generated from our shared narratives and experiences that materialise from this encounter. 

This is a new body of work that has had to change and flex due to lockdown and Coivd-19. Using resourcefulness as a method, our goal is to re-interpret past works, reuse and upcycle old garments, objects and materials to create a new artwork that tells a shared story and future vision.

A bit about us

Gabrielle Miller is a London based mixed-media designer, researcher and academic lecturer at London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London. Her practice is strongly connected with environmental, societal and cultural change, where she explores issues and approaches to sustainability through material experimentation. Her background varies from experience as a print and embroidery designer at fashion houses such as Alexander McQueen and Givenchy, to innovation in fashion and technology, to research and creative education in the field of fashion and sustainability.

Gabrielle’s practice explores collaborative process and visual exchange with practitioners from different disciplines, and she invited Olivia to collaborate in the research, development and design of this body of work.

Olivia Rubens is a positive knitwear womenswear designer from Canada, now based in London, UK. She obtained her BA from Ryerson University, with a number of years of industry experience in the field in Toronto, Canada, and obtained her MA most recently at the London College of Fashion in womenswear design. She works through environmental and social enterprise as the core of her business model and envisions positive impacts through fashion and her company, and to disrupt the current fashion system.

Thank you so much for participating! We are in this together.

Gabrielle & Olivia