S/S '18



Photographer: Ann Lin
Makeup Artist: Charm Torres
Hair Stylist: Erika Fung
Models: Tiffany Hung (Plutino Models Toronto)
Maria Rubio (AMTI Toronto)

Materials used in this collection:
55% Hemp / 45% Organic Cotton twill canvas in foiled coat, orange jacket, pleated jacket dress, pleated tank dress, cropped jacket, and tank dress, reactive dye
55% Hemp / 45% Silk sheer fabric in panelled dress, yellow dress back, tank dress, orange jacket belt and pleated dress, no dye
100% Tencel in ruffled trousers, panelled dress, and yellow dress, reactive dye
55% Hemp / 45% Silk in jumpsuit, reactive dye
100% Nylon mesh bloomers
60% Recycled Polyester / 40% Polyester lining in orange jacket, foiled coat, cropped jacket, and pleated jacket dress
100% Silk knit turtleneck dress and raglan top, knit and yarn dyed in Sri Lanka
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding our materials or sustainability. We are constantly working to improve our thoughtful use of materials through research and development in each collection we create.